Self-service ice, water dispensary now open

Self-service ice, water dispensary now open

CARLINVILLE (May 24, 2018) – A formerly unused patch of land on North Broad now houses, Twice the Ice, a self-service ice and water dispensary owned by Brad Mefford and Paula Schaefer.

Located at 1141 North Broad, the facility uses a trademarked Healthwise filtration and purification system to provide high-quality, freshly bagged (as opposed to pre-bagged) ice by the bag or in bulk. Purified water can also be purchased in one, three, or five gallon amounts.

“We’ve owned this piece of property since the early 90s and never have done anything with it, really, other than sell some sheds and rent some sign space,” said Mefford. “We were looking for something small to do that didn’t take a whole lot of employees — or no employees, really. It’s all self-service.”

For the bulk ice or water, customers bring their own jugs. The dispensary accepts cash, credit cards and debit cards.

“They’re really popular in the southeast, and they’re really becoming popular in the north,” said Mefford of ice dispensaries, noting he thinks the purified water may be more popular than the ice locally.