Scrimmage gives players taste of game atmosphere

Scrimmage gives players taste of game atmosphere

By Daniel Winningham
Shortly after 6 p.m., football players, from seniors down to freshmen, were announced before a scrimmage took place at the Carlinville High School Field Aug. 23.

Freshmen went against sophomores and later on two varsity teams competed against each other, with quarterback Joeb Easterday seeing all of the snaps behind the center for both squads.

“I thought it went really, really well,” CHS varsity head coach Chad Easterday said. “We solidified a few positions and know what we need to work on next week. It’s a great night to get dressed up and make sure all the equipment’s on and that type of thing, get the kids out under the lights in front of a crowd, it works out a little bit of those jitters and that sort of thing.”

Tailback Garet Gwillim, competing on the team wearing blue jerseys, reached the end zone twice during the scrimmage. On one touchdown, he took the handoff from J. Easterday and ran up the middle, bouncing off a would-be tackler before righting himself, continuing forward and crossing the goal line.

Lineman Broedy Long showed the varsity defense was up to the challenge as he wrapped up running back Kinney Myles in the backfield, recording a tackle-for-loss.

Myles, wearing a white jersey, later on showed his big playmaking ability by taking a handoff, getting to the outside, and outrunning the defenders along the east sideline for a long touchdown.

J. Easterday didn’t have too many passing opportunities but managed to connect with T.J. Gray in the north end zone for the white squad.

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