School board hosts meeting at CIS

School board hosts meeting at CIS

CARLINVILLE (Sept. 13, 2018) – The September regularly scheduled board of education meeting for the Carlinville School District took place Monday night at Carlinville Intermediate School.

Faculty at CIS and the Pre-K program made presentations to the board, giving an update on what they have been working on this year to this point.

One of the big happenings at CIS is the implementation of flex seating, giving students the option to move around to different spots throughout the classroom during the day, not just glued to one spot the entire day. Staff said it has been a welcomed change, saying that students have taken ownership of what they are doing and learning responsibility.

Uncommon Grounds, the school’s unique in-school delivery coffee-service to staff in the building, is starting its second year. It continues to grow in popularity, and students learn the value of running a business, communicating with others and making change when collecting money.

Fifth grade teacher Paige Vinyard is in her sixth year of organizing the school’s Running Club. This year, there are 73 students from CIS participating. The annual two-mile race around the area is scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 6.

Pre-Kindergarten teachers discussed their daily routine for their program called Begindergarten.

It is a five-day-a-week program with two classes offered in the morning and afternoons for two and a half hour shifts.

There is a set schedule and routine that the students get into each day, which includes full-inclusion for all the students who participate.

After arriving, the students enjoy book time, followed by the Welcome Circle Time. Students then get to enjoy going to an activity of their choice while getting a snack.

Story time is next, and each week the kids get to visit the library to check out books. Students then get into small groups for work, and then have some music time.

Last in the schedule is gross motor work, which could include a trip out to the playground, the garden or games in the gymnasium.

Screenings will be starting soon for anyone interested in getting their child registered for Pre-Kindergarten. Classes are held 8 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. and 12:15 p.m. to 2:45 p.m., with two sessions in each time frame.

The goal is to get 20 students per session for 80 total students.

Under communications, superintendent Dr. Becky Schuchman reported that the district may have to make a decision soon on its security system within the district.

Currently, none of the buildings are interconnected as far as being able to get access to a building from another location within the district.

Schuchman said that using the current system will not allow for further growth, and said that the district should consider looking at other systems which includes more features.

“We need to look at keep adding money to our current system or investing in a new system,” Schuchman said.

The Chatham school district currently uses a system similar to which Carlinville is looking at for the future.

The doors lock electronically, and can be opened for a short period at lunch time while high school students are out for open lunch at neighboring restaurants. The doors can be set to be opened for a time where students can gain entry to the building.

She added that not all doors in the district would be subjected to such a security system, rather the most used throughout. The new system will also allow interconnection between buildings.

The board voted to approve a resolution to sell or destroy surplus property, and approved a motion to approve a photocopier five-year contract with Marco Technologies at a cost of $22,912 annually.

The motion to employ Shay Kellerman as volunteer assistant for cross country was also approved.

The next meeting is at Carlinville High School on Sept. 24 at 7 p.m. for a public hearing on the proposed Fiscal Year 2019 budget, followed by a regular meeting.