School back in session

School back in session

By Daniel Winningham
The sound of bells or buzzers, along with the sight of buses and bookbags can only mean one thing.

Summer. Is. Over.

The official start of fall isn’t until Sept. 22 but who’s counting, when the only thing that really matters is that summer vacation has come to an end.

Students attending public school in Carlinville headed back to class on a sunny, nearly cloudless morning Aug. 14.

A couple minutes after 7 a.m., there were fewer than 10 cars in the rear parking lot at the Carlinville Primary School. Around 7:20 a.m., the only sound audible in front of the school was a bird chirping from the rooftop.

The first bus arrived at the Carlinville Primary School shortly after 7:30 a.m. and the kids started strolling into school. Five more bus arrived, lining up and waiting to drop kids off for the first day.

For the parents that chose to drive their children to school, many took the opportunity to walk their kids into the building.

Liz Tawfall snapped a few photos of her children, Gavin, a third-grader, and Sidney, a first-grader, before walking them into school.

“I like having them home and spending time with them, so it’s kind of bittersweet. They need to go back because they’re starting to forget things. But we had a lot of fun over the summer,” Tawfall said.

Asked if she had her kids go to bed a little bit earlier in anticipation of the first school day, Tawfell said that didn’t happen.

“We didn’t even try,” she said. “We didn’t fight it because we thought, ‘They’ll adjust, eventually.’ It is hard to transition.”

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