Saying goodbye to the Bulldogs

Saying goodbye to the Bulldogs

By Allie Ladage

Enquirer-Democrat writer

Area residents from Virden and surrounding communities gathered at Virden High School on April 13 to roam the halls one last time. They had a chance to reminisce their glory days of the school’s history before demolition day which will occur sometime this summer. The building is being razed to make room for new North Mac High School facilities. Blueprints of a more modernized school were displayed in the gymnasium that once housed the former mascot of the Bulldogs.

A yard sale will be held on Saturday, May 4 from 8 a.m. until 12 noon in the Virden High School gym at 231 W Fortune Street in Virden.  For sale will be pressure cookers, pots and pans, baking sheets, sewing machines, sewing tables, sergers, cabinets, four sets of tables and chairs, four gas stoves, two electric stoves, five Blenders, two hutches, coat racks, carts, books, and much more.

The new mascot for what is now North Mac is the Panthers.  Many former students took time in the halls of Virden High School to pose with the former Bulldog mascot and get their pictures taken one last time.

“My fondest memories of this place were my friends and the time I spent with them.” said Laura Curtis, a former student from Virden.

Curtis even remembered faculty from her former student days.  “I even remember some of the teachers. It’s weird coming back and seeing everything. It’s kind of sad. You don’t realize you’re going to miss it until it’s gone.”

According to Illinois Glory Days website, not much of Virden High’s history is found. It’s likely to have provided education for children in the mid-1800s. The school existed throughout the early 1900s. In 1923, the main building existed.  Then in the 1960s, a new wing added and in the 1990s, another addition was included expanding Virden High even further.

Virden High continued as its own school until 2010. Girard, a neighboring town four miles south on Route 4, consolidated to become what’s now known as North Macoupin (Mac) High School. A new district formed and brought together their educational courses and athletics.

“My best memory of Virden High School was my two favorite teachers, Miss Zak and Mrs. Wood. Those two teachers went far and beyond for their students.” recalls former student and Virden resident, Jeniffer Gillespie. Gillespie attended high school in the mid 80’s.

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Virden High School will soon be razed to make room for new North Mac High School facilities. A sale of equipment will be held at the school on Saturday, May 4 from 8 a.m. until 12 noon. Enquirer Democrat photo by Allie Ladage.