Rule ‘abuse’ ends third-place game early

Rule ‘abuse’ ends third-place game early

By Daniel Winningham
Earlier this month, a third-place contest between teams from Brighton and Staunton in the Central Illinois Sports League’s pitching machine division ended abruptly after a discrepancy in one team’s official roster gave a coach reason to believe the other team wasn’t playing by the same set of rules.

Todd Goldasich, who coached a group of a dozen or so boys from Staunton, offered details of the final game played by his team this season.

The pitching machine league format is instructional and scoring is kept for the playoffs only, Goldasich said.

Before the game began, Goldasich asked the opposing coach if a roster was available. The coach said he didn’t have it but later on a parent showed Goldasich a roster on an electronic device.

Goldasich said an individual involved with the league provided a paper roster and not all of the names matched up.

Goldasich requested the game be stopped and referred to the incident as “an abuse of the system.”

Section J in Article 10 — Registration of Players, Manager and Coaches in the official CISL rules section states, “You must carry a copy of your approved roster to all league games.”

Also, in Section 8 of Article 8 — Knowlege of the Rules, it says, “Ignorance shall not be accepted as an excuse for any violation of the rules.”

After the game was called, both teams shook hands. Goldasich said he had his players apologize for the way in which the game ended.

“Our team’s goal was to teach our kids a lesson about being truthful and playing baseball for the right reasons,” Goldasich said.

Goldasich understands people make mistakes and hopes the boys he coached took away a lesson from the situation.

“It’s a public league, not a select league and you’ve got people treating this like the World Series for the wrong reason,” Goldasich said.
Goldasich wants the boys he coached to be honest and try to do the right thing.

“It was unfortunate,” said one parent. “The kids had no idea what was going on.”

When asked about the alleged incident in the third-place game played at Bunker Hill, CISL Commissioner Kent Frensko said he hadn’t been informed of it.

“No, I don’t know anything about it,” Frensko said.