Richeys – 60th anniversary

7 13 17

Florence L. (Cameron) and Johnie V. Richey of Plainview celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary Wednesday, July 5, 2017, with dinner at Taco Bell. They were married July 5, 1957, in Rosedale, Miss.

On July 4, 1957, the couple attended the Richey family reunion, where Mr. Richey came up with the idea that they should elope; with a little coaxing, Mrs. Richie agreed. The couple chose Mississippi as their destination, as the legal age to marry there was 17. Once they arrived in Mississippi, they met another couple, who posed as brother and sister-in-law to the groom, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Richey, and stood as witness for the Richeys as they were married.

Once married, the Richeys headed home. They got as far as Perryville, Mo., where they were pulled over by law enforcement for speeding. The police, seeing a young boy with four brand new tires in the back of his truck, grew suspicious and asked him to produce the receipt of purchase. Since the trip had been spur-of-the-moment, the tires had been left in the bed of the truck by Mr. Richey’s father, who had purchased them earlier. Unable to produce a receipt, Mr. Richey was taken to the Perryville, Mo., jaiilhouse, where he spent the night. The jailhouse was located in the home of the Perryville sheriff. Mrs. Richey passed time with the sheriff’s family, watching television and visiting with one another. Mrs. Richey’s mother was called to retrieve her, and Mrs. Richey was returned to her parents’ home in Medora. Mr. Richey’s father arrived the following day with the receipt for the tires in hand, to bust the young groom out of jail.

Once the couple was reunited, they resided in Chesterfield. They now reside in Plainview and Inverness, Fla., during winters. Mr. Richey is a retired truck driver; Mrs. Richey is a retired hair dresser and United States Postal Service mail carrier who now bakes pies.

They are the parents of Peggy Sue Richey-Bolin, Patricia Ann Richey-Byrd, Diana Lynn Richey-Harszy, the late Anthony Vincent Richey and the late John Clifford Richey. They have 13 grandchildren.