Restaurant and bait shop back in business at Beaver Dam

Restaurant and bait shop back in business at


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Donna Strubberg-Peck had a dream of running a restaurant business on the waters of Beaver Dam for a long time.

Last fall, her wish came true. The previous building owners had given up their lease, which opened the door to a new chapter of blessings for Strubberg-Peck’s family.

Together with her father, Don Strubberg, and husband, Richard Peck, Strubberg-Peck now owns and operates the Beaver Dam restaurant along with a bait shop that features a large variety of fishing items. The Pecks have titled their new branch as Beaver Dam Concessions, which they officially owned as of January 5. The restaurant’s grand opening was April 6.

“That day was so huge,” said Strubberg-Peck. “We had a bounce house, snow cones, cotton candy and the place was jam-packed. There were cars lined up on both sides of the road all the way up the hill. A med-air helicopter also flew in for a little bit and the operator later told us he had to have seen at least a thousand people in attendance from up above.”

Beaver Dam Concessions is open six days a week and is expected to be in business year round. All menu options are home-cooked with the following dinner specials served daily.

Monday – salisbury steak

Wednesday – meat loaf

Thursday – ham and beans

Friday – catfish

Saturday – country fried steak

Sunday – BBQ pork steak

Breakfast is served until 11 a.m., highlighted by the popular “hungry man” meal of country fried steak, three eggs, hash browns and toast.

Lunch options include salads, pizzas and a large selection of sandwiches. This includes Strubberg-Peck’s signature hamburgers, cheeseburgers, bacon cheeseburgers, hot dogs, corn dogs, grilled cheese, ham, fish, chicken strips, chili dogs, BLTs, grilled chicken, pork tenderlion, ‘beaver paws’, ‘beaver shoes’, tuna salad, chicken salad and croissants.

Side orders include tacos in bags, potato wedges, applesauce, French fries, cheesesticks, toasted ravioli, macaroni salad, nachos, onion rings, cole slaw, cottage cheese and fried pickles.

Those who are hungry for dessert can choose between many flavors of pies, ice cream and cheesecake.

Although the business is only getting started, the Pecks are already receiving lots of love and respect from their customers.

“On my Facebook, I’ve been getting nothing but positive comments,” said Strubberg-Peck. “People keep talking about how friendly the waitresses are and how fast they get their food. Our sales are also growing with each month.”

Since 1947, Beaver Dam has served as a family attraction across multiple generations. In addition to many park activities, there is plenty of wildlife and other sights that make the park restaurant more than just a place specifically designed for dining.

“Everybody loves it,” said Strubberg-Peck. “It’s just a beautiful place that sits on the lake. A lot of people come here for the hummingbirds because there is usually a ton that hang around the outside deck. We’ve even had some eagles that came through back in early March. There’s also paddleboats, kayaks, fishing, hiking trails, camping and archery available.  So, we have usually been busy, especially on weekends.”

Beaver Dam Concessions served more than 2,000 customers over the course of last month alone.


14580 Beaver Dam Lane
Plainview, IL  62685

Phone: (217) 854-9400


Monday, Wednesday & Thursday 9 a.m.-8 p.m.;

Friday, Saturday &

Sunday 6 a.m.-8 p.m.;

Bait Shop Hours:

6 a.m.-8 p.m.

From left, Don Strubberg, Donna Strubberg-Peck and Rick Peck have officially re-opened the restaurant at the Beaver Dam State Park just outside of Carlinville. Last month, they served over 2,000 customers. The new business is titled Beaver Dam Concessions. Enquirer Democrat Photo by Jackson Wilson.

Beaver Dam Concessions is now connected with a bait shop that features a large variety of fishing items. Enquirer Democrat Photo by Jackson Wilson.