Reading is Magic

The Cat in the Hat, Charlotte’s Web, Good-night Moon, Stuart Little and Winnie the Pooh are all beloved children’s books that my Mom read to me fifty plus years ago. You may recognize the list of classic book titles, may have listened to, or even read the same books as a kid. I am so thankful that my Mom instilled the value of reading in me. She modeled for my sister and me the value of learning, as young children.

Visiting the public library and checking out a tall stack of favorite books, and sometimes checking out the same titles numerous times, was a family event that we enjoyed, prior to kindergarten and continued throughout our attendance in elementary school. Reading picture books to my sister and I was a special time when Mom shared the joy of reading with us. Reading was part of our daily routine, usually as a bedtime ritual, while cuddling in bed or sitting together in a big, comfy chair.

Do you value literacy and the importance of reading every day? Do you promote the love of reading every day? Parents can help promote their child’s literacy and the development of reading comprehension. Even before a child can exhibit the skill of reading, young children begin to acquire basic concepts about literacy. The single most important activity for building these understandings and skills, that are essential for reading success, is reading aloud to children.

Board books read to babies from birth develop the infant’s brain that continues to develop during the first year of life. Nursery rhymes read to tiny toddlers, lays the foundation for language development. Picture books read to children during the preschool years, builds success in learning. Reading to and with elementary school age kids, equals expanded vocabulary and builds a foundation for student achievement.

Want your child to be a better reader, develop the habit of reading as lifelong learning, and be successful in school?  It is plain and simple; just read.