Public works committee updates sidewalk program policy guidelines

Public works committee updates sidewalk program policy guidelines

CARLINVILLE (July 12, 2018) – The Carlinville Public Works committee Tuesday voted to send to the full council for approval a proposed sidewalk program policy for contractors and property owners.

The proposal was drafted by Dan Held, public works director for the city and project manager of Woodward and Curran.

If a homeowner asks for a stretch of pavement be turned into a sidewalk in front of one’s home, then they would have to submit a proposal to the city asking for a particular area to be filled as a sidewalk.

The city then looks it over and determines if the project would be a go-ahead. If approved, the home owner would pick the contractor to do the work or if needed, select from a list of the bids that submit for the sidewalk projects.

The contractor will come out and give an estimate on the sidewalk. If any extra work, like filling a hilly area by the proposed sidewalk, is needed, that cost will be incurred by the homeowner.

A motion was made to send the new policy guidelines to the full council for approval.

The committee also recommended sending to full council proposed responsibilities for MJM Electrical Coop in its move to a new location on Shipman Road just south of the Lewis and Clark campus.

The city would waive the water tap and sewer tap fees. Both the city and MJM would be responsible for other various projects. The city cost would be $5519.60, including hydrant and tapping valve and the installation of three culverts.

MJM would have a cost of $11,723.90, plus the cost of a traffic study. That includes one culvert purchase, a two-inch water tap and sewer line extension.

It will be sent to the full council for approval.

The Carlinville Winning Communities recently gave the city a list of items that are recommended to be done to keep the town square in tiptop shape.

While most of the items on the list include routine labor and maintenance, there are some larger significant items that are also included. These include staining the roof on the gazebo, staining the floor and railings on the gazebo, replacing the lattice at the base of the gazebo with high quality white plastic lattice, replacing metal garbage containers with plastic containers, repairing or replacing the door near the electrical switch box and installing four or five big solar lights for the square.

The list will be sent to Held in order to prioritize the list in order of importance.

Held was concerned of how much labor from the city would be needed in order to fulfill the list of items that were suggested to be completed. One suggestion was made to contact groups with community service hours to see if that would be a viable option. However, any younger volunteers would need to have a chaperon or have someone from the city supervise the project.

The monthly Woodward and Curran report from June was released. Held reported no accidents or lost time by workers in June and all plants are in compliance. Seventy work orders were completed at the wastewater treatment plant, discharging 38.617 million gallons of wastewater in June.

The water treatment plant produced 24.47 million gallons of finished water in June.