Public Works Committee considers closing savings account

Public Works Committee considers closing savings account

7 20 17

By Gary Lowder

Carlinville’s Department of Public Works held its monthly meeting on July 11.

Director of Public Works Tim Hasara discussed closing the public works savings account, which contains over $170,000. “We are getting very low interest with interest rates the way they are now,” said Hasara. “We also have an interest-bearing checking account, so it was suggested that we close the savings account unless we are specifically saving for something, which we aren’t. This money would be moved to operating funds; it won’t necessarily be spent, but it’ll be there if needed and we’ll get interest on it.”

The council members discussed this at length. Those who disagreed with the plan want to keep the savings account and thought that the committee should be saving for expenses that will occur when transitioning to a new commission and that this money should be set aside in the savings account. Other solutions involved transferring half of the savings account into the checking, or moving the money over into operating funds as needed.  Ultimately the committee decided not to make a decision in July and ‘sit on it’ for another month.

During public comment, Woodard and Curran representative Marc Thomas briefly discussed negotiating union contracts.

During the remainder of public comment the committee discussed street sweeper payments and Thomas gave a small update on the water and sewer plants. During this update he discussed standard operating procedures, safety documentation, and material safety data sheets.

Carlinville’s wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) had to ask the committee to approve new scales to be used to weigh drums of chemicals. The WWTP has to give daily reports to the Environmental Protection Agency of chemical usage in the water and had been without a scale. The committee approved the purchase unanimously.