Public works addresses streamlining street dept. work orders

Public works addresses streamlining street dept. work orders

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Carlinville’s Public Works Committee met on Feb. 14 to discuss new business and review their budget. Outside of the budget discussion, committee members spent majority of their time focusing on street department work orders and how that process could be made more efficient.

According to Public Works Director Tim Hasara, there has been an issue going on for several months with the street department needing to print emails for work orders. Heart Technologies would assist with this problem per Police Chief Dave Haley’s request, and they have done work with the city previously.

The organization will “provide and install point to point access points to provide data connectivity between the city building and the highway department building.” Hasara added that this would prevent a neglect of timeliness with work orders. The cost would be $4,378.09, and the committee voted to unanimously approve the expense.

Hasara also explained that even though purchases have already taken place through the safety grant, the police department asked the committee what funds they had left over, so they could purchase a “speed trailer.” Their request was approved, but Hasara wanted members to be aware of the amount it would cost.

The total is $8,065 for the necessary equipment the “speed trailer” would need. This includes a radar trailer bundle as well as an alarm system, trailer cover and other items. Since there hasn’t been any accidents, according to Mayor Deanna Demuzio, this money was available. This information was placed on file through a unanimous vote.

Hasara also outlined which 14 fire hydrants would need to be replaced, at a total cost of $69,720. There are six that don’t work, and some need to be upgraded or have functionality problems addressed. He noted that there are other fire hydrants that need work, but the city will take care of those. This information was forwarded to the city council unanimously.

Regarding water plant equipment, Hasara explained that they are required to weigh the chemicals they use at the plant on a scale. Two scales needed to be approved by the committee in addition to a dosing pump in order to make sure state requirements are met and equipment is fully functional. The committee unanimously approved the scales, and the expenses fit within the budget.

The public works committee reviewed their budget line by line, and there were no significant changes or problems during the discussion.