Public hearing Thursday at Library

To the editor:

LITCHFIELD (June 21, 2018) – There is a Shay 1 Mine public hearing scheduled June 21 at Carlinville Library starting at 5:30 p.m. Macoupin Energy LLC has applied for the seventh renewal of Permit 56 and the sixth renewal of Permit 209 at Shay 1 Mine. Illinois Department of Natural Resources has provided this forum for the community to express comments, questions, and thoughts regarding the effects of Shay 1 Mine on their lives.

Ongoing exposure from Refuse Disposal Area-5 and RDA-6 coal slurry contaminants at Shay 1 Mine has caused pollution problems with migration of toxic contaminants beyond the mine site. Another potential source of pollution could come from underground coal slurry injection which is the method used to dispose of the coal washing refuse. Migration of contaminates from Shay 1 Mine need to be evaluated with monitoring and public awareness. Public involvement and toxic contaminant measurements are essential for community protection.

Coal mining has left many legacy problems in communities. Next door in Montgomery County, under the same ownership as Shay 1 Mine, Deer Run Mine in Hillsboro has an underground fire that has persisted for several years. Who is financially responsible for outcomes and damages and who is monitoring the fire long term? Be aware that you and I must protect our communities and our families’ health from mine contaminants.

We all need clean water and air; please attend the hearing and join the community to work toward that goal.

Mary Ellen DeClue,