Prep Tuesday: SCC track meet, Cavies defeat Pana in ballgames

Prep Tuesday: SCC track meet, Cavies defeat Pana

LITCHFIELD (May 2, 2018) – The varsity South Central Conference track and field meet Tuesday at Litchfield included the school colors from all 10 teams as well as some good action.

Boys team standings: Carlinville 134; Southwestern 67; Greenville 65; Litchfield 56; Vandalia 50; Roxana 48; Hillsboro 44; Staunton 40; Pana 34.5; Gillespie 20.

Girls team standings: Pana 116; Greenville 96; Hillsboro 78; Staunton 70; Litchfield 62; Carlinville 58; Roxana 38; Gillespie 23; Southwestern 14; Vandalia 2.

Here are the individual results for each event on the boys side:

100-meter dash: 1. Carson Rantanen, Staunton 10.87; 2. Jared Beyers, Pana 11.32; 3. EJ Kahl, Southwestern 11.32; 4. Ma Rogers, Carlinville 11.47.

200-meter dash – 1. Kahl 22.8; 2. Beyers 23.32; 3. Dylan Garrett, Vandalia 23.38.

400-meter dash – 1. Beyers 53.24; 2. Haydn Nixon, Southwestern 53.86; 3. Joey Lipe, Hillsboro 55.19; 4. Tyler Hughes, Carlinville 55.48; 5. Briley Roper, Carlinville 56.31.

800-meter run – 1. Jacob Landon, Carlinville 2:11.79; 2. Jonathan Hall, Greenville 2:12.96; 3. Josh Bauman, Hillsboro 2:14.17.

1600-meter run – 1. Jason Landon, Carlinville 4:47.62; 2. Austin Niehaus, Litchfield 4:48.71; 3. Carlos Ruvalcaba, Roxana 5:01.15; 7. Bailey Lippold, Carlinville 5:15.59.

3200-meter run – 1. Cree Stumpf, Roxana 10:58.21; 2. Caden Bohn, Southwestern 11:04.09; 3. Lippold 11:04.43; 5. Cale Williams, Carlinville 11:18.47.

110-hurdles – 1. Cody Croxford, Southwestern 15.63; 2. Devon Little, Vandalia 15.76; 3. Trevor Toberman, Hillsboro 17.43.

300-meter hurdles – 1. Josh Schuette, Staunton 43.39; 2. Croxford 45.16; 3. Brandon King, Greenville 46.67.

4 x 100 relay – 1. Litchfield 44.45; 2. Roxana 45.90; 3. Vandalia 46.07.

4 x 200 relay – 1. Litchfield 1:33.48; 2. Vandalia 1:35.91; 3. Roxana 1:36.08

4 x 400 relay – 1. Litchfield 3:33.40; 2. Carlinville 3:34.81 (Jas. Landon, Tyler Hughes, Roper, Jac.Landon); 3. Greenville 3:39.95

4 x 800 relay – 1. Carlinville 8:55.15 (Jas.Landon, Hughes, Roper, Landon); 2. Hillsboro 8:59.58; 3. Litchfield 9:04.30.

High jump – 1. Hunter Matthews, Greenville 6-feet-1 inch; 2. Gavin Davis, Vandalia 6-feet-1 inch; 3. Michael Douglas, Carlinville 6-feet-1 inch.

Pole vault – 1. Zane Steele, Vandalia 12-feet-6 inches; 2. Isaac Daugherty, Carlinville 12-feet-6 inches; 3. Chris Furlow, Hillsboro 12-feet; 4. Dustin Roberts, Carlinville 12-feet.

Long jump – 1. Max Rogers, Carlinville 20-feet-6.5 inches; 2. Will Walton, Carlinville 20-feet-3.5 inches; 3. Cameron Waugh, Gillespie 19-feet-10 inches.

Triple jump – 1. Rogers 41-feet-10 inches; 2. Walton 41-feet; 3. Brandon Wagoner, Staunton 40-feet-2 inches.

Shot put – 1. Daniel Card, Carlinville 45-feet-1 inch; 2. Gabe Long, Carlinville 43-feet-7 inches; 3. Ashton Walden, Hillsboro 41-feet-10 inches.

Discus – 1. Jordan Hawkins, Roxana 164-feet-7 inches; 2. Tyler Bryant, Greenville 148-feet-5 inches; 3. Card 135-feet-1 inch; 7. Tyler Emmons, Carlinville 115-feet-11 inches.

Individual results for girls:

100-meter dash – 1. Kyra Huber, Hillsboro 12.85; 2. Alexis Feaster, Greenville 13.20; 3. Ashlyn Papin, Hillsboro 13.57; 15. Ashley Williams, Carlinville 15.32.

200-meter dash – 1. Huber 27.15; 2. Feaster 27.77; 3. Bree Rochkes, Pana 28.02; 9. Cara Emery, Carlinville 29.61.

400-meter dash – 1. Rory Drew, Carlinville 1:01.63; 2. Hollie Johnson, Pana 1:02.27; 3. Hailey Bolte, Litchfield 1:05; 6. Patty Walch, Carlinville 1:08.67.

800-meter run – 1. Lydia Roller, Staunton 2:28.48; 2. Hannah Williams, Greenville 2:33.70; 3. Isabelle Wolff, Southwestern 2:39.80;

1600-meter run – 1. Roller 5:36.79; 2. Wolff 6:11.22; 3. Janelynn Wirth, Roxana 6:11.67.

3200-meter run – 1. Caroline Quarton, Litchfield 13:34.75; 2. Emma Leonhard, Greenville 14:05.18; 3. Mercedes Kuhl, Hillsboro 15:45.47.

110-meter hurdles – 1. Shania Schoonover, Pana 17.30; 2. Carson Lemon, Litchfield 17.41; 3. Miranda Matta, Staunton 18.00; 5. MacKenzie Moyer, Carlinville 18.61; 8. Emery 19.64.

300-meter hurdles – 1. Claire Holthaus, Pana 50.59; 2. Lemon 52.38; 3. Matta 54.70; 4. Moyer 54.71.

4 x 100 relay – 1. Hillsboro 52.23; 2. Pana 54.41; 3. Greenville 55.55; 7. Carlinville 59:69 (Rhachyl Karrick, Williams, Emery, Walch).

4 x 200 relay – 1. Hillsboro 1:51.81; 2. Pana 1:57.49; 3. Greenville 1:57.51; 7. Carlinville 2:08.29 (Karrick, Williams, Elsa Mefford, Emery).

4 x 400 relay – 1. Pana 4:21.30; 2. Litchfield 4:30.20; 3. Greenville 4:40.35; 4. Carlinville 4:46.06 (Walch, Drew, Moyer, Mackenzie Harris).

4 x 800 relay – 1. Litchfield 10:40.41; 2. Staunton 11:24.92 (Roller, Scroggins, Scroggins, Lesicko); 3. Carlinville 12:15.43 (Walch, Harris, Williams, Mefford).

High jump – 1. Ashlyn Papin, Hillsboro 5-feet-3 inches; 2. Schoonover 4-feet-9 inches; 3. Kalie Meadows, Greenville 4-feet-9 inches; 5(tie). Mefford 4-feet-3 inches.

Pole vault – 1. Emma Smith, Carlinville 11-feet-6 inches; 2. Madison Hilbert, Pana 9-feet; 3. Brayer Denton, Pana 9-feet.

Long jump – 1. Feaster 17-feet-3 inches; 2. Katelin Weideman, Pana 15-feet-4 inches; 3. Laine Hawkins, Roxana 14-feet-4 inches.

Triple jump – 1. Kylie Meier, Hillsboro 32-feet-3.5 inches; 2. Bree Rochkes, Pana 31-feet-6 inches; 3. Moyer 31-feet-1 inch.

Shot put – 1. Madelyn Daiber, Greenville 37-eet-8.5 inches; 2. Abbi Zangori, Roxana 32-feet-2 inches; 3. Haley Wills, Carlinville 31-feet-9 inches.

Discus – 1. Daiber 111 feet-eight inches; 2. Brigitte Long, Staunton  98 feet 3. Macy Walker, Carlinville 97-feet-six inches; 5. Wills 93-feet-11 inches.


Carlinville 4, Pana 0

CARLINVILLE – Seniors stepped up to lead Carlinville to a 4-0 win over Pana in conference softball action Tuesday evening at Loveless Park.

Alyssa DeSpain pitched a one-hit shutout and Natalie Kaganich hit a two-run homer as Carlinville improved to 9-7, 5-3 in the conference.

It was scoreless in the bottom of the fifth when Paityn Tieman reached on an error with two outs and Kaganich connected for a two-run home run to put the Cavaliers ahead at 2-0.

In the sixth inning, Sydney Cania singled and would score on a double by Emma Griffith. Courtesy runner Gracey Kahl scored on a single by Kayla Seal.

DeSpain struck out 11 and allowed only a single to Lily Anderson, the Pana pitcher, who struck out nine and allowed two earned runs but took the loss.

Tieman scored a run; Kaganich had a home run and two RBIs; DeSpain had a single; Cania had a double, two singles and run; Griffith had a double and RBI; Kahl scored a run; Seal had a single and RBI.

Pana is 6-11, 2-6 in the conference.


Carlinville 16, Pana 2

CARLINVILLE – The baseball Cavaliers continued its hot stretch, moving above .500 for the first time this year with their third straight win on Tuesday over visiting Pana.

Pana pitcher Lane Funneman didn’t have much help from his defense in the first inning, when the Cavaliers scored four times to take the lead.

Tucker Hughes and Joe Fraser both reached on slowly hit ground balls through the right side of the infield.

Kyle Dixon walked to load the bases, and Jake Ambuel delivered a hard-hit two-run single up the middle to make it 2-0.

Colton DeLong reached on a fly ball that should have been caught, but none of the Pana defenders chased after it, falling for a single in short right field. Josh Hinzman was hit by a pitch with the bases loaded, and Ambuel scampered home on a wild pitch to make it 4-0.

In the second, Hughes reached on an error and Fraser doubled. Dixon and Ambuel both walked to force in a run.

DeLong reached on a fielder’s choice to score two runs; and later scored on a wild pitch to make it 8-0.

Carlinville made it 11-0 in the third inning, getting an RBI-single by Fraser and a two-run single from DeLong.

Pana sored twice in the fourth to make it a 11-2 game, but Carlinville countered with five runs in the bottom of the fourth.

Garrett Campbell led off with a single and Aidan Naugle reached on an error.

Hughes singled in two runs to make it 13-2. A fielder’s choice by Fraser made it 14-2, with an error plating the final two Cavie runs.

Campbell was solid on the mound, pitching five innings, allowing four hits and two unearned runs, while striking out five and walking one.

Hughes had two hits, four runs and two RBIs; Fraser had three hits, including a double, four runs and two RBIs; Dixon scored tree runs; Ambuel had a hit, a run and three RBIs; Sam Tieman scored a run; DeLong had five RBIs with two hits and a run scored; Hinzman had an RBI; Campbell a single and RBI and Naugle had an RBI.

Carlinville is 8-7, 3-5 in the conference, while Pana is 4-13, 1-7.

The Panthers’ Ben Holthaus had two of the team’s four hits.


Staunton 3, Litchfield 1

LITCHFIELD – Staunton scored twice in the fourth to break a 1-1 tie in a 3-1 conference win Tuesday at Litchfield.

Ashleigh Painter tripled, singled twice and scored a run, while Analise Best and Grace Nichols both had two hits for Staunton. Nichols had a double and triple while driving in a run. Best also had an RBI.

Nichols struck out 10 and pitched a four-hitter.

Brown County 14, GFNW 4

GREENFIELD – Brown County scored 10 unanswered runs to post a conference win over Greenfield/Northwestern on Tuesday.

Both teams scored four runs in the second inning before the Hornets took command of the game late.

For GFNW, Kassidy Walters had a triple, single, run and RBI; Jessa Vetter had two hits, and Kylie Nerone had a double, two singles and a run.

Carlye Ornellas struck out six for the Tigers.

Gillespie 6, Southwestern 0

PIASA – Despite not feeling well, Sydney Henrichs went out and pitched a five-hit shutout Tuesday as the Gillespie Miners kept faint hopes alive of at least a share of the conference title.

Southwestern suffered its first conference loss of the season (6-1) and its 13-game win streak halted, as they fell to 17-5 on the season.

Henrichs struck out 11 for the Miners, who scored five runs in the first three innings.

Gillespie (17-4, 7-1) got three hits from Keaton Link, including a double. Mackenzie Kasarda homered, singled and scored twice. Rylee Jarman and Ally Clay also had two hits, with Clay driving in a pair.

Haley Edwards had two of Southwestern’s five hits. Pitcher Bailee Nixon struck out two but suffered the loss.

Riverton 8, North Mac 0

VIRDEN – Neely Rogers struck out five and pitched a five-hit shutout for visiting Riverton Tuesday in a Sangamo Conference road win.

Jaden Megginson homered and Leah Foreman had three hits and two RBIs for the Hawks.

North Mac got two hits from Gatlyn Etter.


Southwestern 7, Gillespie 6 (8)

BRIGHTON – Southwestern avenged a loss to the Miners just three days earlier by beating Gillespie in eight innings Tuesday in a conference game.

The Birds improved to 13-12, 7-1 in the conference; Gillespie is 10-10, 3-5.

Gillespie led 6-3 in the fifth, but Southwestern tied it with two in the sixth and a run in the seventh.

Chase Stahl homered for Southwestern, while Jack Little, Brock Seymour and Dalson Cummings all had two hits.

Gillespie got a double, single and four RBIs from Trent Segarra and a single and two RBIs from Rylee Bernot.

Seymour and Ben Lowis combined to strikeout 13 Miners. Gavin Brown struck out three for Gillespie on the mound.

GFNW 7, Brown County 5

GREENFIELD – Jacob Lansaw drove in three runs with a triple and single, as the Tigers of Greenfield/Northwestern held off Brown County 7-5 Tuesday.

Brown County led 5-3 after a four-run fourth, but GFNW rallied with a run in the fourth and three runs in the fifth.

Gavin Roberts had two RBIs for the Tigers.

Hayden Lansaw allowed five unearned runs on six hits, striking out six in a complete game effort for the win.

Riverton 6, North Mac 2

VIRDEN – Logan Thacker homered, doubled, scored twice and drove in two as Riverton beat North Mac Tuesday.

North Mac got two hits from Gage Gibson, and RBIs from Jake Little and Kannon Kirk.

Staunton 13, Litchfield 4

LITCHFIELD – Nick Yates homered, singled, scored twice and drove in four as Staunton continued its march for a conference title.

The Bulldogs are now 16-1, 7-0 in the conference. They win the conference outright with a win at Pana Friday and by finishing the suspended game with Greenville with a win. That game was tied 6-6 when it was suspended.

Austin Tallman also homered for Staunton. Cullen McBride had a double and two singles, driving in two runs. Cy Cox doubled twice and drove in three runs. Marcus Karl had two hits and three runs.

Cox and Griffin Bianco combined to strike out 12 Purple Panthers while allowing just five hits.