A place where children grow

A place where children grow

Just outside Carlinville, right off of Route 108, is Children’s Garden Learning Center, a preschool and daycare facility owned by husband and wife team Lloyd and Lindy Healy. Children’s Garden provides children as young as six weeks and as old as 12 years with a safe nurturing environment to learn, play and grow.

Children’s Garden has 18 certified full time staff and slew of substitutes that are specially trained to deal with children at the varying ages of development accepted by the center. There is a nursery for infants, a special program for toddlers and even a preschool for 3 and 4-year-olds, in addition to the after school and summer programs offered.

The facility has three separate playgrounds specifically tailored to their corresponding age groups, allowing children to learn together through constructive play and hopefully have a good time doing it.

“It’s funny sometimes when a parent is first starting and worried about their child during the day, whether they’re liking it or not,” said Director Stephanie Emery.  “Then they come to pick them up and their child is crying because they don’t want to leave.”

The facility was built from scratch around 15 years ago, employing techniques and technology that were cutting edge for the time, and in many cases have become the industry standards of today. This includes details as small as the center’s lighting fixtures. Children’s Garden exclusively uses indirect lighting throughout its facility in hopes to promote a better learning environment and accommodate children with special needs who may be bothered or become agitated by harsher lighting.

Though the surrounding playgrounds and muraled walls may appear inviting to children and visitors, security is a matter that is taken very seriously at Children’s Garden. Once entering the lobby through the front door, no one is getting past the electronically locked doorway to the rest of the facility without the proper authorization. For added security, each room is outfitted with cameras streaming to a secure site. Parents are able to login and access this site remotely, allowing them to check in on their children from work, home or while on the go at any time.

“It’s a traumatic thing to leave your young child with other people, even when you know them,” said Lloyd Healy “Having the reassurance of the camera helps a lot.”

Children’s Garden Learning Center goes to great lengths to accommodate children of all needs, but the Healys invite parents to come in and talk with them when deciding if it’s the right place for their child.

“We would like the parents to use us as a resource,” said Lloyd Healy. “When you’re making a decision about child care come and talk to us. You may not choose us, because it doesn’t fit your child, but come and talk to us about what your child’s needs are, what you’re looking for, and we can help you find resources.”