Phone calls annoying: Letter

CARLINVILLE (Feb. 8, 2018) – In the past, you have been kind enough to let me blow off steam in your paper.

I have a situation that has me fired up again. This morning I shut my sweeper off to answer my phone. It was a local number, 854-9662, Mill’s Auto Parts. I thought perhaps Don had ordered a part, so I answered just to hear “Hi, this is Rachel calling about your credit cards.”

I hung up. Rachel has called numerous times about my credit cards from several other numbers. I have stopped in the middle of things many times to answer the 854 numbers, thinking someone may need me, just to hear “Hi, this is Elizabeth” doing a resort pitch that supposedly I had visited in the past. I hang up as the only resort is my own home.

In the past I have received phone calls from young adults that have asked that I please let them complete the call as that’s the only way they get paid. “Please don’t hang up.” I heard on TV once that inmates in prison make 13 cents per telemarketing call, but that came from Jay Leno. I have had people hang up on me before and it left me feeling sad.

So, Rachel and Elizabeth, forgive me as I know it is rude to hang up on a caller, but I also think it’s rude for your to continually call me. You should have gotten the message by now. You all call Don’s cell phone — don’t know how you get cell phone numbers. I’ve had robocalls from deceased people’s phone numbers. You have very pleasant speaking voices and I realize you are trying to earn a living, but enough’s enough!

Rosie L. Kukowski,