Pawn shop opens on square

Pawn shop opens on square

CARLINVILLE (July 19, 2018) – A new pawn shop has opened up on the square in Carlinville.

The owner of the pawn shop is Curtis Huff, who runs the business with his son, Brian. They started their business at the end of May, and C. Huff said “There’s more traffic everyday.”

Asked why they chose Carlinville as their location, B. Huff said that they have family in this area and it was a central location for them to have their business here as to be closer to their family. He thought it would “give people an opportunity; everybody gets short here and there and has something come up. It’s a good thing to have that way if you have to come up and get some quick cash. We feel that it’s a good thing for the community.”

Besides the regular business of pawning, B. Huff said they deal in “consumer electronics, tools, musical equipment.” They also have their FFL license so they can deal in guns and ammo at the shop. “Guitars right now have been a good seller for us,” said B. Huff.

The pawn shop is located at 122 East Side Square in Carlinville. “We were very lucky to get the spot that we did because the building is absolutely beautiful,” said B. Huff. “We’ve had a bunch of comments and tourists that are in awe of the building.”


Brian and Curtis Huff are the owners of the new pawn shop in Carlinville.