Park District approves increase for lifeguards, swim lesson teachers

Park District approves increase for lifeguards, swim lesson

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The Carlinville Park District at its monthly meeting Tuesday approved an increase in wages for lifeguards at the city pool.

The increase will include 25 cents for lifeguards, and 50 cents for lifeguards who teach swimming lessons.

The swim lessons in the past had been controlled by the pool manager. The park district did not provide any extra fees in past years for lifeguards who taught swim lessons, according to Regie Byots, the park district administrator.

This year, the park district is under control of the swim lessons which are currently ongoing.

Four 30-minute sessions take place, including private lessons. These lessons are all Red Cross certified unlike in the past.

Lydia Albertine, representing the  lifeguards, addressed the board about her concerns.

She said that they conduct lessons for two hours in the morning and feel those teaching lessons should be reimbursed for performing extra duties.

There are other lifeguards on duty who do not teach swim lessons at the same time.

In past years, the park pool manager would pay extra cash to the lifeguards who taught, Byots said.

Depending on their experience, lifeguards had been paid either the minimum wage of $8.25 per hour or $8.50 per hour.

Albertine is in her fourth year as a lifeguard, and helps with one other lifeguard teacher to give group lessons, and also does private lessons. She said one of her groups has eight kids in it.

“We did not control that program last year,” Byots said as she explained to the lifeguards the situation the park district was facing.

The motion passed for approving the increase in wages for the lifeguards.

Lawn tractor trade

The park district approved the trade-in of a lawn tractor for a new one from Sloan Implement.

Cost of the trade-in is $8,500. There is no APR for five years on the tractor.

The tractor they are trading in has had some issues with the noise level, though Randy Link noted that trading it will save the district time and fuel.

“It’s not a bad mower, but it costs us in time and in fuel,” Link said.

Pool up and running

Byots reported a great first week at the city pool. She said around 200 kids and adults were at the pool on Monday, and the concession stand was a big hit. She appreciated the  concession stand worker’s dedication in keeping things running smoothly during the peak hours.

The baby pool was just repaired by Link and board members noted it’s the best it has looked in quite a while.

Byots said that the new water slides should be arriving within a couple of weeks. There are plans to have a Dive-In Night where a movie will be shown on an evening after the slides have been installed.

News and notes

Park maintenance supervisor Jeff Bates reported that the ball fields look in pretty good shape at this point, also reporting that the fence at Tom Thumb Park has been repaired.

For the first time in several years, it was noted all four ball fields at Loveless Park are operational during the summer time for game activity,


With two new board members, the Carlinville Park Board reorganized.

Larry Smith was renamed the park board president, with new board member Dave Suits the vice-president; Byots secretary and Lori Hopping treasurer.

Erin Lynn is the other new member of the park board.

The board will begin meeting at 6 p.m. the second Wednesday of each month at the Park District Building, 859 Ramay St. The next meeting is July 12.