Park Board hears from Tree City USA

Park Board hears from Tree City USA

CARLINVILLE (May 17, 2018) – Paul Mihalek of Carlinville’s chapter of Tree City, USA spoke to the Carlinville Park District at its monthly meeting Thursday on how the park district can help keep the town’s trees healthy and thriving.

With Arbor Day just completed, Mihalek and Bill McClain have been updating the public on the planting and care of trees in town.

This year’s goal is to discuss invasive species, such as Bush Honeysuckle.

Bob Caveney of Illinois Department of Natural Resources said he would be willing to come out to Loveless Park and spray for the invasive species. Mihalek said June is the best time to spray for that. There is a fee of $90, and in the spring, it would be burned off, which would completely kill the invasive species.

Tree City USA is also doing a tree census on the parks in town.

“You like to have a tree census so you know how many trees you have, what kind of species, so in case something happens,” Mihalek said. “I can help you maintain good parks with good healthy trees, a good diversity, and go from there. This is just a start of that. We just want to help you out.”

Saplings were also planted around the area in celebration of the Arbor Day celebration. Replacing invasive species with native species is one of the goals for the area, Mihalek said.

The park board agreed it would be a good thing to spray for the invasive species.

Administrator Report

Park District Administrator Regie Byots reported that summer league baseball, T-ball and softball games will be starting this week.

The city pool is slated to open on Memorial Day, May 28, with 17 lifeguards scheduled to work with swimming lessons and private parties.

 48-hour rule

The district voted to approve a 48-hour rule instead of a 24-hour rule for using ball diamonds during the summer.

Park Board president Dave Suits said that 48-hour would give people more time to make plans if a diamond is not available at a given time.

Any diamond that is not lined is available to be used by a certain team for practice. Those fields that are lined cannot be used. It’s first come, first serve for the other diamonds not lined.