Paper tariffs

Dear editor:

CARLINVILLE (May 10, 2018) – I read with interest the article about print paper tariffs in the March 29th issue of the MCED.

This trick has been used before. During the George W. Bush administration, it was argued that Canada was stealing business from the U.S. by undercutting prices and selling discount lumber.

An 8-foot, stud-grade 2×4 cost about a dollar. By adding a $2 tariff, the idea was we would cut into our national forests and sell that wood cheaper.

Protections were not removed and the Canadians simply added the tax to the wood, so we ended up paying $3 for the $1 2×4 with the extra $2 going to the anti-tax Republican government.

Besides, who needs all that free press in the New World Order anyway when there’s money to be made.


Mark B. Bersch