Original civil war print back home in Macoupin County

Original civil war print back home in Macoupin

civil warBy Tom Emery
An original print of a Civil War photograph is back home in Macoupin County, thanks to an antique tractor sale in Wisconsin.

The photo is of Company F of the Seventh Illinois Volunteer Infantry on a rocky outgrowth of Lookout Mountain, Ga.

It was found pressed in a book at an estate sale in Salem, Ill.

Company F was comprised mainly of men from Bunker Hill. Twenty-four men are shown in the photo, which was taken around June 17, 1864.

The print is now in the possession of Norm Crays, a Carlinville businessman who operates Carlinville Truck Equipment Manufacturing, Inc. A Civil War enthusiast and collector, Crays learned of the photo through a customer and friend from Dorchester.

“I received a call from Leo Hauschild, who had just purchased an antique tractor in Wisconsin,” said Crays. “He had heard from a man named Gene Timm from Mount Vernon, who had bought a different antique tractor in Wisconsin around the same time, and didn’t really know how to get it home.

“So he was given Leo’s name, and they began talking,” continued Crays. “He didn’t know where Dorchester was, but when Leo said it was near Bunker Hill, he knew where that was.”