Not so quiet weekend a welcome event

Not so quiet weekend a welcome event

By Eric Becker for the Write Team

CARLINVILLE (April 26, 2018) – So, how was your weekend? I was busy – and that’s a good thing.

Usually, I’ll lay around the house on the weekend, doing tons of laundry to get caught up for the next week. I’ll watch my MLB Extra Innings package and hang out with my kids and wife.

This weekend was different as I was ready to be outside for a change in hopes the weather was also willing to cooperate. It did to a certain extent, but not totally.

Sunday was Earth Day. But it was celebrated a day earlier in Florissant at Little Creek Nature Center. My seven-year-old asked to go. It was quite a nice event.

He and the other kids were able to go to different stations and get their paper stamped for each task competed. He got to choose a prize of his liking at the end, and took the last pair of binoculars that was available.

His school, where my wife also teaches, got a special award and there was a release of a bird. We also planted a tree.

It was a fun time with my son, who loves the outdoors and anything to do with dirt and digging. He would love to find a dinosaur bone someday. That would be his ideal situation. But this event was just right for him.

Saturday night, I chaperoned three 10-year olds (my son and two friends) and my seven-year-old to a birthday party at a trampoline park in O’Fallon, Mo.

That did not go as bad I had planned. I walked around with them for a while as they jumped, then went down to watch the TVs which were designed especially for the adults.

My seven-year-old had a blast, running around without a care in the world. Love to see the kids having fun..

I returned home late Saturday evening where they had a sleepover. We don’t know how much sleep they actually had as we let them be for the night, but the next afternoon, after the kids were returned home, I was told all three went home and crashed.

Now Sunday I went to the Cardinals-Reds game. Visiting Busch Stadium, though I don’t usually root for the home team, is still an enjoyable experience. I like baseball, and I have no regrets or no problems going to games by myself, with my scorecard in hand, like a child all over again.

My brother got four free tickets to watch the game at the all-exclusive club under the right field scoreboard. So his son Justin, my brother and my parents got to see the game from a different perspective. Glad they had fun. Justin even got to run the bases after the game.

I am relaxed watching baseball, and keeping score throughout. It’s a fun, enjoyable experience, though many people don’t understand that. I don’t need to go with anybody to a game and listen to them babble on for hours on end. A gentleman I was sitting next to was babbling on to me during the game, of which I tried to be polite.

The group of four friends on the other side of me were drinking up a storm. A fan behind me thought the Cardinals got a run in the first inning on a double play, although the double play ended the inning and no run ended up scoring. He quickly realized that mistake halfway through the next inning.

Unfortunately, the “dreaded” Kiss Cam is still a hit, and the fans doing the Wave are still part of the baseball stadium experience. The Wave is the most stupid thing ever, in my humbled opinion.

It rained periodically through the game, but it was tolerable. Not until the ninth inning did I bother to move from my space. Other than that, it was a fun time. Nothing better than going to a ballgame. And I got a free Cardinals tote bag, so that’s always a plus, I suppose.

Next weekend, there’s a track meet Saturday so I plan to be here for that. Maybe I’ll get the mower out for the first time. Ugh. Some parts of spring you just don’t look forward to doing. That is one of them. But, alas, it must be done. Just hope it feels like spring sometime soon.