No mowers for Carlinville Lake

No mowers for Carlinville Lake

By: Chris Best

Enquirer Democrat Reporter

During Monday’s Carlinville City Council meeting lake recreation committee chairman Doug Downey requested two new employees for mowing and maintenance at Carlinville Lake to be hired through Labor Day. The employees would work an estimated combined total of 800 hours at $8.25 an hour for a total expense of $6,600 for the summer.

The employees had been budgeted for under salaries, Downey noted, but during discussion of the motion it became clear that a miscommunication had occurred when figuring the budget. The lake funds which were supposed to be reserved for mowing are paid to Woodard and Curran, the company which provides public works services for the city of Carlinville. Last year, Woodard and Curran did provide mowing services for the lake, but currently they do not provide this service.

Downey asked if Woodard and Curran couldn’t hire two employees for the mowing service they are paid for, but according to treasurer and budget officer Jody Reichmann, that would throw off the entire budget.

“Our payment each month to Woodard and Curran is divided up into five categories: so much is general fund, so much is here, so much is lake… If I don’t have that money from the lake, that’s going to be coming out of the general budget. Our payment to Woodard and Curran is set,” Reichmann said.

When it became clear that the issue did not have an immediate simple solution,

Downey rescinded his motion so that it could be brought up again at a later meeting.

Other business

In other business, Public Works Director Dan Held announced that on Monday, June 24 University Street will be closed to through traffic between Whitely and Wilson streets from approximately 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The closure will be necessary in order to unload trucks supplying materials for Blackburn College’s solar array project.

A road closure for most of the day is also expected for Jacob Lane on Tuesday, June 25. This date has been tentatively set to replace a culvert there.

The Carlinville Police Department will be replacing two squad cars, a 2005 Ford Explorer and a 2009 Dodge Charger, with two four-wheel-drive, Dodge crew cab pickuptrucks for $24,731 each. The pickups are being purchased from a local dealer who has offered approximately $6,200 trade in. Three squad cars were budgeted for the police department this year.

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