Never too young to learn about running a business

Never too young to learn about running a

By Eric Becker

The Write Team

CARLINVILLE (Dec. 7, 2017) – Students at one area elementary school have been working hard and diligent on the opening of a business in their own classroom.

Carlinville Intermediate School teacher Marcy Welsh has been preparing her students for the grand opening of Uncommon Grounds, a  delivery coffee service within the building. Its ribbon cutting ceremony took place Nov. 29.

Students prepare the orders in the classroom then deliver them to the respective customer before the start of school. Coffee costs $1, delivery is free of charge. A coffee station filled with the proper supplies is located right inside the classroom.

The kids were as enthusiastic as waking up on Christmas morning and heading for the tree to see what Santa had brought during the night.

This time, however, the kids are the ones who will eventually reap the benefits of what they are doing within the school.

I applaud the efforts of everyone involved to make this happen. It really is a team effort. Kudos to the donors for making this goal of a business a reality.

The sooner that children can realize the importance of working together for a common goal, the better off those children will be later in life.

With a little help from the adults, the children check the order and then go to work in creating the drink that the staff has ordered. Once a number of drink orders have been fulfilled, they are loaded onto a  delivery cart, of which the customized drink holders was made by an area high school class.

Students then deliver the drinks around to the customers in the school and collect the money, being able to give change when needed.

So the students are learning the importance of working together, counting correct change and making the school staff a little more energized for the start of a busy day.

As one person told me, it just gets them ready for real-life scenerios years down the road. It’s never too early to start honing in on those skills.

Everybody wins. Best of luck to Uncommon Grounds as it begins its new exciting venture within the walls of the school.

School is where children go to learn different aspects of life skills. Having this type of business within the school can only be beneficial, and, who knows, perhaps a child will end up running a successful business of their own in the years to come.