Muddy Demolition Derby concludes 2013 Fair

Muddy Demolition Derby concludes 2013 Fair

By Daniel Winningham
Grandstand entertainment for the 2013 Macoupin County Fair wrapped up with the annual Demolition Derby June 29 — and those that took in the event saw plenty of collisions and flying mud.

Close to 50 cars and almost $9,000 in prize money was paid out at the derby, which started around 7 and ended about 9:30 p.m.

The Fair royalty — Miss Macoupin, Junior Miss and Mrs. Macoupin — were all on hand to countdown the starts for each heat while announcer B.J. Vinyard provided colorful commentary to the event’s proceedings, pointing out all the hard-hittin’ action and drivers who were eliminated.

On a couple of occasions, judges quickly called on local firefighters to put out small engine fires.

Derby organizer Jared Ruyle was pleased with the show and the turn out for this year’s event.

“We had a total of 48 cars that ran,” Ruyle said. “We’re very pleased with the results. We put on a very good show, and the drivers seemed to be happy as well.”

The event included two heats for the modified category while every other category had single heats.

Mad Dog trophies were given to the driver that had the hardest hits and put on the best show

“We didn’t have a lot of rain, but it was a mud bowl,” Ruyle said. “It was kind of challenging to get the vehicles and trucks and trailers in there and pull it off but we managed. The grounds are a little rough but we got the job done.”

What about the response to the larger payout for this year?

“The drivers were absolutely thrilled with the increased money and I think that reflected in the type of show and the turnout we had,” Ruyle said.

With more prize money, Ruyle said participants can buy a better car, and put more into the vehicle in preparing it for a run in the derby.

Ruyle wanted to thank those responsible for adding to the purse, which this year stood at $8,750.

Derby results — Top finishers
Modified feature category
1. Mark Becker, $3,000;
2. Ryan Bettis, $1,100;
3. John Mabus, $600
Mad Dog – John Mabus
Stock category
1. Scott McAdams, $1,500;
2. Jeff Smith, $700;
3. Derek Kleidon, $250;
Mad Dog – Derek Kleidon
Compact category
1. Andy White, $800;
2. Zeb Robinette, $400;
3. Allen Tate, $200;
Mad Dog – Allen Tate
Mid-size category
1. Derek Peters, Jackpot plus $200
2. David Gibbs
3. Todd Lott

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