Mt. Olive custodian honored at United States House of Representatives

Mt. Olive custodian honored at United States House


Enquirer-Democrat Reporter

Recently, Mt. Olive High School’s Bob Hudzick was nominated as a recipient for Congressman Rodney Davis’ Recognizing Inspirational School Employees (RISE) award on the floor of the United States House of Representatives. Hudzick achieved these honors through his trending non-profit organization “Darts for Kids,” which was founded in 2012 and has raised almost $175,000.

Hudzick started out as a professional darts player and signed a major contract with an organization overseas in Japan. Once the negotiations were completed, Hudzick wanted to share some of his success and recent wealth with his original hometown community of Mt. Olive and beyond. Hudzick had always taken pride in helping out children in need, so he decided to start up some charitable dart tournaments specifically for them.

“There was a little girl out at White Hall that kept showing up on my wife’s Facebook feed. She was about six months old and she was needing a heart transplant. It kept coming across and I said that we needed to do something to help her. So, we made her our first recipient for ‘Darts for Kids’ and we hosted a tournament at the bowling alley in Litchfield. We raised probably almost $10,000 that day. Then we heard that there was another little girl from Mt. Olive who was suffering from cystic fibrosis, and I worked with her parents. So, we just picked these children and we split the money right down the middle – half in half. We gave all the money away and several people were asking when the next event was. So, we went ahead and saw if we could do it again and it became a thing,” reflected Hudzick.

Read the full story in the 4-4-19 edition of the Macoupin County Enquirer Democrat.

Bob Hudzick (left) and Team USA teammate Benjamin Dersch (right) sign a T-Shirt for a youth player during a Darts For Kids event. Photo contributed.