Misled our constituents yet again

To the editor:

In a recent letter to the editor, my opponent, Avery Bourne, misled our constituents yet again when she stated that I would be backing out of the Litchfield Chamber of Commerce’s public forum. Bourne was paid $1.7 million by Bruce Rauner to sell out our district and she has been misleading us ever since. The fact of the matter is that on Oct. 18, I will be attending a different debate for Working Family in Hillsboro. It just so happens that this debate fell on the exact same time and date as the Litchfield Chamber forum. It seems rather odd to me that my political opponent would feel the desperate need to compose such a misleading letter. It is worth noting that Avery herself will cowardly not show up to another debate this upcoming Oct. 16 in Pana. Funnily enough, she declined to include that piece of information in her letter. She falsely claims that I “play games” because I’m supposedly scared of debates. For a political opponent, she doesn’t know me well at all. I’m not the type of person to back down from a fight or engagement with constituents. I look forward to meeting with folks to get their perspective on important issues. That is why I decided to throw my hat into the ring and run for State Representative for the 95th District. And that is exactly why I will be attending a great debate with Working Families on Oct. 18. Unlike my opponent, I care about our middle class and union families. My opponent may feel a desperate need to tell tall tales, but I know who I am and I’m always ready for a debate.

Dillon Clark