Middle-school volleyball squads compete in tournaments

Middle-school volleyball squads compete in tournaments

Carlinville Middle School’s eighth- and seventh-grade volleyball teams have competed in a series of tournaments in the past month.

Seventh Grade Lady Warrior Invitational, Feb. 9

Matches in Pool A
Carlinville defeated North Mac 25-17, 25-13

Lincoln defeated Raymond Lincolnwood 25-19, 25-17

Lincoln defeated Carlinville won by Lincoln 25-16, 25-20

North Mac defeated Lincolnwood 25-22, 25-22

Carlinville defeated Lincolnwood  25-23, 25-8

Lincoln defeated North Mac 25-20, 25-9

Matches in Pool B
Staunton defeated Southwestern 25-12, 25-10

Liberty defeated Hillsboro 25-13, 25-20

Staunton defeated Hillsboro 25-15, 25-16

Liberty defeated Southwestern 25-13, 25-20

Hillsboro defeated Southwestern 25-14, 25-21

Liberty defeated Staunton 25-14, 25-16

For Seventh and Eighth place: North Mac defeated Southwestern 25-21, 25-8;

For Sixth and Fifth place: Hillsboro defeated Lincolnwood 25-20, 18-25, 15-10;

For Third and Fourth place: Carlinville defeated Staunton 25-19, 18-25, 15-12;

Championship: Edwardsville defeated Lincoln 25-21, 26-24

Eighth Grade Carlinville Invitational Tournament, Feb. 23

Pool A Matches
Carlinville vs. Auburn: the match split with Carlinville winning the first set 25-22 and Auburn won the second set 25-23;

Lincoln split their match;

Auburn won set one 25-21 and Edwardsville Liberty won set two 25-15

Carlinville defeated North Mac 25-20, 25-23;

Lincoln defeated North Mac 25-9, 25-14;

Carlinville defeated Lincoln 26-24, 25-20;

Auburn split with North Mac, Auburn won set one 25-19 and North Mac won set two 25-21

Pool B Matches
Staunton defeated Hillsboro 25-18, 25-6;

Edwardsville Liberty defeated Raymond Lincolnwood 25-22, 25-18;

Staunton split with Raymond, Raymond won set one 25-17 and Staunton won set two 25-21;

Liberty defeated Hillsboro 25-19, 25-18;

Raymond defeated Hillsboro 25-18, 28-26;
Liberty split with Staunton with Liberty winning set one 25-17 and Staunton winning set two 25-21.

For Seventh and Eighth place: Hillsboro played North Mac;

For Fifth and Sixth place: North Mac played Auburn;

For Third and Fourth place: Edwardsville Lincoln defeated Staunton;

For the championship Edwardsville Liberty defeated Carlinville 25-15, 25-9.

Regional competition began Feb. 25
Regional competition began earlier this week with the seventh-graders defeating North Mac in three sets to move on. CMS dropped the first match 25-18, then recovered to win the next two matches, 25-12 and 25-6, and faced Auburn Feb. 26.