Mc-Grand Re-Opening

Mc-Grand Re-Opening

CARLINVILLE (Nov. 9, 2017) – The Carlinville McDonald’s underwent several renovations over the summer, and by late August the changes to the West Main St. location could be seen inside and out.

A second drive-through lane was installed. A newly furnished outside of the building. Inside, a clean look and a newly installed kiosk where customers can order food directly. The kitchen also got a big upgrade, expanding in size to help provide better service to the customers. A 50-foot flag pole was also erected.

Community leaders  were on hand for Thursday’s re-grand opening of the restaurant.

The Carlinville High School band marched over from next door and performed the Star-Spangled Banner and the school song prior to the ribbon-cutting ceremony. Cupcakes and cake were also made available during the ceremony, and the company’s signature mascot, Ronald McDonald, made an appearance.

“All the reinvestments and work was to create additional jobs for the crew and better opportunities for customer service,” said Carlinville McDonald’s owner Gene Stanford. “It has been an incredible summer both in a reinvestment standpoint and a personal standpoint.”

McDonald’s also donated $500 to Project Third Day, a program designed to give meals to those families on long weekends away from school, as well as provide other basic items that a family might need that they otherwise could not afford.

“McDonald’s has been a staple in our community but now with the investment we want to say thank you,” said Carlinville Mayor Deanna Demuzio. “When we see an investment like this, we know that Carlinville must be doing something right.  We are very proud.”

Carlinville Chamber of Commerce President Tim Rhodus also discussed the ramifications of having the investments made in the Carlinville McDonald’s.

“Anyone driving down our street has to recognize the investment that was made,” Rhodus said. “There is business involved, but it’s also personal. So thank you for making that personal investment. We are thankful for the technology you are bringing.”

Stanford also recognized his team for helping this project be completed.

“It has been a team effort in order to get done what we’ve done,” Stanford said. “The reinvestment was huge. It needed it. Every dollar that we spend was meant to go back to the benefit of our customers and our crew.”

The Carlinville McDonald’s includes Barb Thomas as general manager and Sandy Smallwood as supervisor.

In addition, general managers from the Hillsboro location, April VanDyke and Jerseyville location, Shelby Harlan, were on hand for the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Carlinville McDonald’s grand re-opening took place Thursday at the West Main St. location. Shown, from left, are: Sandy Smallwood, Carlinville McDonald’s Supervisor, Macoupin County Sheriff Shawn Kahl, Emily and Gene Stanford, owner/franchisee; Barb Thomas, Carlinville McDonald’s general manager; April VanDyke, general manager of the Hillsboro location; Carlinville Mayor Deanna Demuzio; Shelby Harlan, general manager of the Jerseyville location; Ronald McDonald; Carlinville city treasurer Jody Reichmann, Carlinville city clerk Carla Brockmeier; Carlinville Chief of Police David Haley and Carlinville Chamber of Commerce President Tim Rhodus. 

 Carlinville McDonald’s donated $500 to the Carlinville Third Day program during last week’s grand re-opening. From left are Gene Stanford, McDonald’s owner; Ryan Tosh of Project Third Day; Barb Thomas, Carlinville McDonald’s General Manager; Tanya Kessinger of Project Third Day and Ronald McDonald. 

Gene and Emily Stanford, along with Ronald McDonald, with the cake for the grand re-opening of the Carlinville McDonald’s last week. 

cutline 802: Carlinville High School band members perform the school song during festivities for the re-grand opening last Thursday. 

A new flagpole was also installed during the McDonald’s Re-Grand Opening last week.