Mayor Demuzio has reader’s vote

2 23 17

To the editor:

Mayor Deanna Demuzio is a huge supporter of Carlinville’s small businesses, mine included. From time to time, she stops in to check on us at Garner’s Premier Karate and she even makes an appearance at our events. When I was inducted into the U.S. Martial Arts Hall of Fame in July 2016, she came up to my karate school and congratulated me on her personal time.

The biggest event for us was April 2016 when I invited my instructor, Grandmaster HoSik Pak, to Carlinville for a short seminar. I invited all the head city workers (mayor, police chief, street foreman, city council) to the seminar; Mayor Demuzio was the only person that gave up her personal time to come to the event not only to meet a world famous martial artist and movie star but to support me and my business. She also awarded him with the “Key to the City.”

Do I agree with some of her political views? No, but who always agrees 100 percent? She is a huge supporter of small business and actually cares about Carlinville. As an Army combat vet, Mayor Demuzio will be receiving my vote on April 4.

James M. Garner,

Owner/head instructor of Garner’s Premier Karate