Mayor casts deciding vote to approve water purchase agreement

Mayor casts deciding vote to approve water purchase


Enquirer-Democrat Writer

At Monday’s well-attended Carlinville City Council meeting, a water purchase agreement between the city of Carlinville and Illinois Alluvial Regional Water Company (IARWC) was approved by a tie-breaking vote from Mayor Deanna Demuzio.

Aldermen Randy Bilbruck, Doug Downey, Kim Heigert and Beth Toon all voted against accepting the agreement, while Elaine Brockmeier, Cindy Campbell, Randy Ober, Sarah Oswald, and the mayor voted to approve it.

Per the agreement, Carlinville will enter into a 40-year water contract with IARWC, assuming the completion of their pipeline within the next five years. The estimated budget for the project is currently $66 million, though this number could increase or decrease, and no cap has been set on the cost. Based on this $66 million figure, the estimated cost of water for the city will be $4.30 per 1,000 gallons. All other entities involved in IARWC have also signed their agreements.

Prior to the council’s vote, Heigert moved to table the motion, pending the resolution of the ongoing lawsuit against the city of Carlinville by Wayne and Camille Brotze. Though ultimately it was defeated in a 5-3 decision, the motion led to a lengthy discussion with City Attorney Daniel O’Brien, who was insistent that the lawsuit should not affect the council’s decision to enter into an agreement with IARWC.

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