Massive cold front, snowfall hits Macoupin County

Massive cold front, snowfall hits Macoupin County

Weather expected to

warm up this weekend


Enquirer Democrat Reporter

Over the past two weeks, the Macoupin

County area has been feeling

the effects of intensified winter


Temperatures have been hovering

within the single-digit range and

even below zero during certain times

of the day on a daily basis.

Ever since the first snowfall of the

season, which occurred around the

beginning of Feb., the temperatures

have remained either at or below the

freezing point after Jan. brought with

it a couple of warm and rainy springlike


On Feb. 8, the weather worsened

as Carlinville and surrounding areas

got six to nine inches of snow during

a Presidents’ Day blizzard that led to

the cancellation of all public meetings

and sporting events. Schools

were already closed in the first place

because of the federal holiday, but inperson

learning would not have been

held either way if this storm came

through on a regular day.

All around town, roads were dangerously

slick, vehicles were either

getting stuck or submerged in

snow and the streets were mostly

abandoned due to residents staying

indoors protecting themselves

from frostbite effects of zero-degree

temperatures plus -10-degree wind


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