Marvel Theatre an asset to community

3 2 17

To the editor:

I would like to let the people of Carlinville know just how lucky they are to have the Marvel Theatre and ask that people support their local theatre.

Because of a medical condition I can not get around without relying on my walker and have great difficulty negotiating any steps. I really wanted to see the movie Hidden Figures, so my husband stopped in the theatre one evening to see if the film was playing upstairs or downstairs and if I would be able to access the theatre. To my dismay, the film was playing upstairs, but my husband explained what my problem was and the wonderful, caring employees at the theatre said they would contact the owner and see if they could switch the movie downstairs. We did not expect anything to come of it, but later that evening I received a call that they would indeed move the film downstairs so Tuesday evening I was able to see this most excellent movie.

I still have a smile on my face thinking about how kind and caring the employees of the Marvel Theatre were. If you haven’t been there, please go. You will not be disappointed. We look forward to seeing several more movies there. Good people like this need our business.

Thank you,

Nancy Olson