Manar puts family first in decision to opt out of governor's race

Manar puts family first in decision to opt

4 20 17

Despite speculation, State Senator Andy Manar recently announced he will not seek the governorship in the 2018 election.

A statement released by Manar read, “Our state and our nation today face generational challenges. Illinois continues to operate without a budget, our economy continues to lag behind our neighboring states and the nation as a whole, and our schools continue to shortchange children in nearly all but the most well-off suburban Chicago districts.”

After considering his role as a father and as a state senator, Manar determined a gubernatorial campaign would not be appropriate at this time. “As a husband, a father of three young children, and as the State Senator of the 48th District, a long, expensive campaign for governor would be unfair, both to my family, and to the people who have elected me to help create jobs, get our state’s finances under control, and create a fair school funding formula, an issue for which I have a great deal of passion.”

The considerable expense of running such a large campaign was a another factor in his decision. “It will take a considerable amount of money, tens of millions of dollars, to run a statewide campaign for Governor. The ability to raise that amount of money was certainly one of many factors in my decision, but it wasn’t the determining factor. Money doesn’t equate success; having a clear and concise vision for the State and support of family and friends, in my mind, are much more important factors in making this type of decision,” Manar said, adding, “The rigors of a campaign are extremely taxing on your loved ones, and ultimately, the decision to run has to be in the best interest of your family. The decision not to run was a family decision. My family comes first and we made a decision as a family.”

Manar stresses that the field of candidates who have already indicated a run for the governor’s seat had no influence on his decision. He also noted he has not expressed support for any candidate at this point.

“We need a governor that demonstrates real leadership and a willingness to put partisan politics aside to reach attainable solutions to our State’s biggest challenges. Just like other voters in Central Illinois, my decision to support a candidate will depend on their support for fixing our broken school funding system, solutions to righting the state’s finances and ideas to create broad economic opportunity in rural and central Illinois.”