Magnolias doors still open

Magnolias doors still open

CARLINVILLE (Oct. 26, 2017) – A few weeks ago, the word around town was that Magnolias Restaurant was closing its doors after an attempt to sell the business was unsuccessful and owner Todd Hoffman wished to move forward with his plans to relocate to Wisconsin to be closer to his grandmother.

Things quickly changed, however, when Hoffman made the decision to put the restaurant under new management by handing the reins over to Stacy Douglas, an employee who had expressed interest in running the restaurant.

“I had been asking to do that for a while, so they gave me the opportunity to do it. It seems to be for the best,” said Douglas, who has previous experience managing convenience stores.

When asked why she wanted to take over management of the restaurant, Douglas said, “Because I enjoy it. It’s the people, mainly.” She also explained that she likes it when the restaurant is busy, but admits business slowed down as word of its closing spread through town. “It’s starting to get busy again, but a lot of people don’t know it’s open. We need to get the word out.”

The transition to new management was a smooth one, Douglas noted. The restaurant never closed. “We were supposed to close on the 22nd of September. On that Thursday, they said if you’re really willing to give it a shot… Todd came back from Wisconsin and helped me the first couple of weeks to get me acclimated. My background is in managing convenience stores, so he helped me learn different things.”

It’s not unusual that with new management comes a few changes. “We’ve added some new desserts. We’re trying to bring in some more cakes, pies, that kind of stuff. We’re experimenting because we’re trying to bring in some new tastes,” Douglas said.

The restaurant, which has always focused on breakfast and lunch, will be opening up for private parties in the evening.

Several staff changes have come with the new management.  Douglas stresses the goal is to provide a friendly, up-beat atmosphere for customers.

Most of all, Douglas wants the community to know that Magnolias is still here to provide the same great food customers expect. “We are open. We’re not going to change too many things, because what we’ve been doing has been working.”

Manager Stacy Douglas, left, and cook Tammy Randle continue to produce the same great food for which Magnolias Restaurant is known.