Macoupin primaries to have first contested race for state’s attorney in 15 years

Macoupin primaries to have first contested race for


Enquirer Democrat Reporter

For the first time since 2004, the office of State’s Attorney will have a contested race for the primary election. Democratic candidates Jordan Garrison, presently assistant state’s attorney and Aaron Bellm of Bellm Law Firm have both filed for the office.

“I am proud to file my petitions to be the next State’s Attorney of Macoupin County,” Garrison said in a recent press release. “Over the past decade, I have prosecuted hundreds of cases, including drug crimes, violent crimes and sex crimes. I look forward to using my experience to ensure that Macoupin County is safe and prosperous.”

Both candidates required 75 signatures to run on the democratic ballot. Since they filed simultaneously on Nov. 25, there will be a lottery on Dec. 11 to determine their order of certification with the State Board of Elections. No Republican candidates filed for the office.

Previously, Democratic candidates Vince Moreth and Edmond Rees ran opposed, with Moreth winning 59 percent of the vote.

There are two other contested races for the primaries; for Board Member District 7, with Republican candidates James Ibberson, Bernard C. Kiel and Russel Boehl running, and Board Member District 2, with Republican candidates Gordon Heuer and Jon. C. Payne running. Voters will be asked to select two candidates in District 7 and one candidate in District 2.

Republican candidate Larry Schmidt filed for Board Member District 5 is unopposed. There is one independent board member, Shielda Lewis, who is not required to file until June.

Other candidates who filed for the primary elections were Lee A. Ross for Circuit Clerk and Anthony E. Kravanya for Coroner.

Democratic precinct committeepersons who filed are Jennifer Watson and Kenneth E. Clark for Brighton, Pamela S. Monetti and Andy Manar for Bunker Hill, Peyton Bernot, Pete Duncan and Cathy Petrak for Cahokia, Dolly Hinman for Chesterfield, Jordan Garrison, Lee LoBue, Patricia Kowal, Robert “Tony” Wiggins and Anne Boehm for Carlinville, James K. Goltz for Dorchester, Mike Mathis and Ruth A. Pomatto for Gillespie, Tim McLean for Girard, London Simmons for Hilyard, Melinda J. Zippay and Michele A. Zippay for Mt. Olive, Robert K. Quarton for Mt. Olive, and Roberta “Sissy” Vojas, Beverly Beyer and Deborah McNaughton for Staunton.

Republican precinct committeepersons who filed were Kristi Dunnagan and John Trevino for Brighton, Ryan Webb for Gillespie, Kevin Polo for Honey Point, Christopher M. Hicks for Mt. Olive, Russel D. Boehl for North Otter, James R. Launer for North Palmyra, Thomas W. Stoecker for Shaws Point, Holly Klausing and Linda Klausing for Staunton, and Bernard C. Kiel for Virden.

The Macoupin County primary election will be held Tuesday, March 17, 2020.