Macoupin County hunters improve firearm numbers

Macoupin County hunters improve firearm numbers


Enquirer-Democrat Writer

Hunters in Macoupin County had a successful deer season, thanks in part to being open for the late season antlerless firearm season this year. During all firearm and archery seasons, hunters here took 2,955 deer — 13 percent more than last year. This total ranked them ninth in the state for the number taken.

The breakdown for the 2,955 Macoupin county deer was 1,014 during archery season, 26 during youth season, 1,699 during regular firearm season, 54 during muzzleloader season and 162 during the late winter season.

Throughout the county, the increase could be attributed to being newly open for the additional late firearm season and a 14 percent increase during the regular firearm season. Bow hunters were steady in their harvest numbers, taking just five fewer deer than the year before.

This hunting season was certainly a memorable one due to the weather. As has been the case for the past few years, warm temperatures in October kept many hunters waiting until cooler weather to hit the timber, including youth hunters. This season saw a 30 percent decrease statewide from last year. Many youth held onto their permits until the first firearm season; 1,650 Illinois youth harvested a deer during the 2018 season, compared to 2,378 in 2017.

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