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The Macoupin County Enquirer~Democrat has served the City of Carlinville, Illinois and Macoupin County since 1852.

Today, the Enquirer can lay claim to being one of the oldest businesses in Carlinville and Macoupin County. The Macoupin Statesman, the “granddaddy” of the Macoupin County papers and direct ancestor of the Enquirer, was founded in 1852 and continued until it was sold in 1855. In that same year, the name was changed to Carlinville Spectator and again changed in 1868 to Macoupin Times. In 1871 the name “Enquirer” came into being, and the paper was called the Macoupin County Enquirer. The Macoupin County Enquirer merged with the Carlinville Democrat in 2003, changing the name to the Enquirer~Democrat, which is its current appellation.

The Enquirer~Democrat has a circulation of 5,500, with subscribers from across the country, and even overseas.

Macoupin County Enquirer Democrat
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