Local Elk's Lodge secures $2000 grant for schools

Local Elk’s Lodge secures $2000 grant for schools

CARLINVILLE (Sept. 7, 2017) – Carlinville schools were given a $2,000 donation from the Carlinville Elks Lodge to be used for the Primary School’s Saturday Snacks program as well as school supplies for the midle school.

A $2,000 Elk’s Beacon grant was secured which allows donations to be made to the school for a cause deemed worthy.

The Primary School’s Saturday Snacks Program will receive $1500, while the Carlinville Middle School will receive $500 for school supplies.

The Saturday School program was started five years ago. The Federated Church of Carlinville gathers volunteers to create packages of food for students in the district who are in need of such services.

The Project Third Day project provide food to those families on three-day weekends during the school year. Project Third Day originated from a few members of Cross Church and other denominations.

Food donated from Project Third Day is ordered through the Carlinville Area Hospital’s cafeteria/food service department. The CAH also supports Lunch Bunch, the free summer lunch program.

Saturday Snacks and the Project Third Day work in conjunction with one another.

This year, 75 families are taking advantage of this opportunity. The food packages are good for a month and includes 10 items from fruits, fruit juices, apple sauce, cereal, pop tarts, pudding and cheese crackers. The items are either donated to the Federated Church or purchased with donations from area churches.

Volunteers from the Federated Church were busy Wednesday morning in the DeMuzio Center gymnasium getting packages set up to be delivered to the kids.

The Federated Church works in conjunction with Carlinville Area Hospital’s Project Third Day, who provides additional food for those students on those weekends that are longer than the normal two day break from school.

Last year, the Elk’s donation, in conjunction with the Carlinville Cub Scouts program, went to Lucas Mefford and his Eagle Scouts project of donating school supplies to the school district.

Eric Pfeiffer, Elks Exalted Ruler, said the grant should continue yearly for the benefit of the area schools.

A donation was made Wednesday at the Demuzio Sports Center of $2,000, of which $1500 will be used to the Carlinville Primary School and the Saturday Snacks and Project Third Day programs. The other $500 goes to the Carlinville Middle School.  From left are Taynya Kessinger, Project Third Day, Bill Link, Elks Chaplain, Mike Davis, Elks Trustee, Ann Kibe, The Federated Church of Carlinville, Eric Pfeiffer, Elks Exalted Ruler, Cody Maguire, Elks Trustee and Mel Jones, Loyal Knight for the Elks.

Volunteers from the Federated Church of Carlinville pack snack bags for the Saturday Snacks program at Carlinville Primary School last week. Each  month, 75 students in the school receive Saturday Snack packs, while on three-day weekends, the Project Third Day provides 75 snack sacks, which include more items than regular weekends. 

Photos/Eric Becker