Lions learn more about diabetes, plan fundraiser

Lions learn more about diabetes, plan fundraiser

By Tim Evans

Members of the Carlinville Lions Club learned more about diabetes Tuesday at their regular meeting held at the Tangled Vine Restaurant from Lion Dr. John Lapp, an optometrist with Carlinville Eye Care.

Lapp said although January is actually glaucoma awareness month, he found valuable information concerning diabetes, a disease his daughter has lived with since she was five years old. He said diabetes is prominent in his family’s history and warned Lions to take care of themselves in being aware of signs of the disease that can lead to blindness, loss of limbs and even heart attacks.

He said new drugs on the market as well as portable insulin feeding devices have created a better life for diabetics and said people need to take the disease seriously.

He said there are two types of diabetes that can happen at any age including type one, in which the body fails to create insulin, usually in children and young adults. In type two, the body makes insulin, but doesn’t use it the right way. It is the most common type of diabetes and the chances of getting type two are stronger if the person is overweight, inactive or has a family history of diabetes.

Dr. Lapp said many people don’t realize the danger of diabetics having a stroke or heart attack, noting the blood thickens with diabetics and although a person may die from a heart attack, it’s often diabetes that is the undiagnosed cause.

He said diabetes can be a lifelong disease and “we just deal with it.” Diabetes awareness is an international project of the Lions. Dr. Lapp said there is a lot of very good information at the Macoupin County Public Health Department.

He also said there is a free six-week diabetes workshop to be held beginning Wednesday, Jan. 30, at Carlinville Area Hospital from 1-3:30 p.m. More information is available by calling (217) 854-3223, ext. 225.

In other business, the Lions were planning a “Winter Outing” fundraiser for their next meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 22, to be held at Macoupin Center for the Developmentally Disabled on Elm Street, chaired by Harry Pollitt. He said there would be a number of items to be given away at the event, which begins at 6:30 p.m., with proceeds benefiting the center.

The Lions also set a tentative date of April 9 to host the Lions of Illinois Foundation hearing and eye care mobile screening units. The Lions are going to be in need of volunteers to staff the project, which is open to anyone at no charge.

The Carlinville Lions regularly meet on the second Tuesday of the month at noon and on the fourth Tuesday of the month in the evening at Blackburn College. For more information, contact Lions President Nate Rush at Blackburn College.