Letter-Fred Adamski

As we approach with reflection another year has gone by. As humans we can be mindful for the most important gift that was given to each and every one of us. From the beginning man has pursued this gift, that can only be sensed for a nanosecond. It cannot be saved, boxed, stored or canned. It cannot be stopped, put on pause, rerun, fast forward or duplicated.

Yet there will be those that still say they don’t have enough. Some will use it wisely, while others will waste it and use it foolishly. Then there are those few individuals, that will take the life of another, thereby cheating them of this gift. There are many who will call this gift “Father.” In the age of the earth, whether it be millions or even billions of years old, the human life is merely a blink of the eye. Yes this gift is ….TIME.

When I was in the first grade, I encountered a very innovative seed planting teacher asking “What if?”… that set me on the path to gaining a grasp of our boundless earth. She taught me how to tell time and keep track of the days, months and years of my life. Thirty-one days hath January, March, May, July, August, October and  December.  February  hath 28 days, except every year that is divisible  by four is a leap year and has 29 days. That a centennial year is also a leap year when divisible by four.  April,  June,  September, November has 30 days. She told me to double my fist. The knuckles would be the peaks and the space between would be the valleys. The number you would count, would determine how many years you live.

The year 2012 has seen the passing of some notables and household names, such as Dick Clark, Andy Williams, Andy Griffith and J.R. Ewing of  “Dallas,” immensely popular and diverse entertainers, who brightened our hours. And then there was an individual who was not a household name who gave the gift of more time, Dr. Joesph E. Murray, most important he performed the first kidney transplant on Dec. 23, 1954 from a twin to his brother who would survive for another eight years. Today there are more than 10,000 kidney transplants performed in the United States each year….giving the gift of  more time and life options to these individuals.

So to you who are still enjoying the peaks and valleys of your lives, a Happy New Year and many more BLINKS !

Fred Adamski
Port Orange Fla.