Letter-Beasley, Loveless, Young

Dec. 2 was a great day in the neighborhood. If one happened to be at The Federated Church, friendliness, helpfulness and joy abounded. Neighbors turned out to help children purchase clothing and Christmas goodies. The local reporter came to record the 29th annual Children’s Christmas Spree. Parents shared their children with strangers for an afternoon of giving. The children, from pre-school through high school, were excited with anticipation and then pleased with their purchases.

The Spree typifies the spirit of giving that is so common in our community. As organizers, we always fret about having enough donations to meet the needs of the children and about having enough volunteers to accompany the children. With the help of the Enquirer-Democrat and friends who spread the word, our goals were met.

Thank you to everyone who donated to The Children’s Christmas Spree. Thank you to everyone who helped with crafts, church arrangements, shopping, child care and support. Thank you to the store owners and employees who make this a special day for the children. The gift of time and energy by so many people made the Spree a very special day for 141 children.

Mary Beasley, Mary Loveless, Martha Young

PS: the “Christmas on the Square” edition of the newspaper is great – full of information about our neighborhood!