Letter to the Editor – Rosie Kukowski

To the Editor:

Not having Facebook to vent my anger, I take to pen and paper. When finished, I lay it aside. Then, reread it. If, still angry, I mail it to your paper. A favorite adage of mine is, “It is better to keep your mouth shut and let people think you are stupid, than open it and prove it.” I’m guilty.

Last week on the news there was a 9-year-old boy who committed suicide by hanging himself. A doctor gave a lecture as t ohow many young people were taking ther lives in today’w world due to being bullied on Facebook and at school. We stress to our children how wrong it is to bully others. We need to pratcice what we preach. For nearly four years in Washington, D.C. the left has done nothing but spend our money on bullying the president and his family. Enough already. On to our great state of Illinois — we received our license renewal for our utility trailer. It went fro ma mere $18 to a shocking $118, the same huge increase for motor vehicles. I don’t know if the money from the sale of plates is to go for road repair or not. But if so (Governor) J.B. (Pritzker) and (Secretary of State) Jesse (White) we don’t need them paved in gold, just some asphalt done properly. The Conestoga wagons had smoother rides than we in Illinois have. Do you not realize what a set of shock absorbers cost? Or maybe tehy’re called struts today. I don’t know. Another issue that has me fired up is the legalization of pot. If the money from the sale of pot, slots and lottery tickets is supposed to be used for our schools you would think the toilet sets at our schools would be covered in mink. By the way, I wondered how many people buying the legal pot are on food stamps and welfare. I mentioned this and was told why butit legal when you can get it on the street for $20.

Editor, I laid this letter aside for a couple of days and read it again and I’m still angry so I’m sending it to your paper. Everyone stay healthy. China doesn’t care for the good U.S.A.

First, swine flu and ebola, now coronavirus. I remember years ago on the news in a classroom in China a teacher was telling his students that they own America now. I say not so fast there! If you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours. God bless the medical workers, ambulance workers, the truckers and all the store employees for all their help.

Rosie Kukowski,