Letter to the Editor – MJ4IL

Dear Editor,

CARLINVILLE (Dec. 21, 2017) – In regard to their Dec. 7 letter to the editor, I suggest your readers look at IllinoisFamily.org to gauge their veracity.

So far, various combinations of committees of the General Assembly have held three public hearings about marijuana legalization.  This letter is about the Nov. 28 hearing.

Two Colorado officials were asked if marijuana use increased after legalization; they said there is no baseline for comparison.  I took that to mean it is impossible to compare unknown marijuana sales in the past with known sales in the present, and it is impossible to compare marijuana arrests in the past with non-arrests in the present.  These Colorado officials indicated that things were going very well, the revenue raised is substantial, and there is substantial stimulation of ancillary businesses.

Later, two opponents testified; one represented a culture war group, and the other owned rehab clinics.  Senator Toi Hutchinson strongly told these opponents that people are killed in South Chicago every day in the crossfire over drug turf.  She also strongly stated that legalization is not about revenue, it is about public safety.  President Trump has suggested sending federal law enforcement or troops to Chicago to help suppress the violence.

The very first witness cited his own observations of sections of European cities that were now safe for tourists after legalization.  He also strongly stated that this is a public safety issue.



Richard DeBiase, MJ4IL.com,