Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I want to report how good of a service is Macoupin County Public Transportation. They have nice buses and vans. I have been using this highly efficient and economical service for many years. I have a small box which contains the phone numbers of seemingly countless transport drivers who have and will provide me with my much-needed transport services. They are good people who are dedicated to providing Macoupin County residents who don’t own vehicles with friendly and reliable transportation.

Just yesterday and the day before that I enlisted their services. On Feb. 1 I was taken to my dentist at the Maple Street Clinic in Gillespie. I am a Carlinville resident and a lady with four of her children, also from Carlinville, and I were transported to that Maple Street Clinic. The six of us got our dental work taken care of. Then the lady and I phoned the driver for the ride back home. He said he was busy so we were to call the main office, (877) 600-0707. We did so and the dispatcher said a different driver will be there soon to take us home. The lady and I conferred about this and pretty soon here came the other bus. We told him where we live and he took us to our respective homes.

This is a very convenient transport service for us folks without vehicles. I am a senior citizen so I get free rides with them. A suggested donation of $2 usually can’t be met by me because I can’t quite afford it. If I were younger I probably would be able to pay the $2 and it would be required if I were thus not a senior. The service requires 24-hour advanced notice for appointments. They prefer this but even less advanced notice time can get you a ride sometimes. Their hours are Monday-Friday, 7 a.m.-6 p.m.; Saturday, 7 a.m.-1 p.m. The service even extends as far as cities like from Carlinville to Springfield via a first transit phone number. I am not sure how much their rates are to these cities, but if you are in need of a ride with the benevolent quality of service I have herein described that number again is (877) 600-0707.

Steve Robinson,