Letter to Editor #3

4 27 17

To the editor:

Your child could help save a cancer patient’s life.

On Mother’s Day, we would like to honor mothers who donate umbilical cord blood after their baby’s delivery. After these moms bring new life into the world, their babies’ cord blood brings new hope to thousands of patients suffering from leukemia, lymphoma or other life-threatening blood cancers.

The cells from cord blood, which are usually discarded after delivery, have unique lifesaving potential. A cord blood transplant can be a cure for patients battling blood cancers and other blood disorders.

More donations are needed, especially from African American and Asian communities, where patients struggle to find matching donors. There is no cost to donate, and simple arrangements to donate your cord blood can be made with your doctor a few months before delivery.

We hope that mothers who donate cord blood will share their experience and tell other expectant mothers what a safe, simple process it is.

Donated cord blood units that meet criteria can be listed on the Be The Match Registry® for use by anyone who needs a cord blood transplant.

Potential donors can learn more by visiting BeTheMatch.org/cord or by contacting St. Louis Cord Blood Bank at (314) 268-2787 or slcbb.org.

Happy Mother’s Day to all, including the compassionate new mothers who donate cord blood.

Kathy Mueckl,

St. Louis, Mo.