Letter to Editor #1

4 27 17

Dear Editor,

In last week’s issue, you ran the following quote by the Macoupin County Chairman taken from the April Macoupin County Board Meeting.

“The animal control facility is basically supported by fundraisers, volunteers, and donations,” said Dragovich. “The county doesn’t really put any money at all in that operation, so it’s a good deal for all the residents of the county.”

The County Board, or maybe it is just the Democrat’s that sit on the County Board, are again spinning the Macoupin TAILS banquet as a benefit to the community.

10 years after the implementation of the “Self-Sufficient Model” advocated by the County Board and Animal Control Department there has yet to be any release of county level reports or statistics describing the number of animals that have entered the facility, how many owners reclaim their pets, or even how many animals have been euthanized in the facility.  After ten years how do we know if the building is benefitting the citizens in the community without this type of information?

This model and banquet ARE however a good deal for the County Board. They get a free building that is their responsibility. The fact is that the Animal Control Act clearly states that the animal control building is the County Board’s responsibility.  A responsibility they have pushed off to the citizens in the form of Macoupin TAILS.   There is no Quid Pro Quo in this arrangement.

The money raised at the TAILS banquet will be used to pay the mortgage on the new Animal Control Building, which is County owned and on County owned land. To the best of my knowledge, the money raised by TAILS has only gone to pay for this building.

There are other ways these donations could be used to improve the community.  Additional staff to keep the shelter open more hours and to enforce the animal welfare laws in the Macoupin would be a perfect place to start.  It is time for the County Board to start showing transparency and to start pitching in financially to hire additional staff.

Perhaps, this publication would be interested in providing comprehensive shelter statistics over the past ten years?  At least then, the citizens of Macoupin could educate themselves to determine if this is a “good deal” for everyone… or for a select few.

James Cloud,

Mt. Olive