Learn through Trivia

Learn through Trivia

CARLINVILLE (June 7, 2018) – These questions follow the numbers 1-5 on baseball nicknames which was in the paper on May 17. I hope you got to play those but if you didn’t here are 6-10. Your assignment is name the player who had the nickname and indicate on what team they played when they had the nickname.

The Mighty Mite

Stan the Man

Old Achs and Pains

The Mayor of Wrigley Field


Answers to trivia question

6. Nellie Fox  7. Stan Musial  8. Luke Appling  9. Hank Sauer  10. Joe Medwick

Each of these players #’s 1-10 played on either the Cubs, Cardinals or White Sox. 6-10 this week and 1-5 the first week.