Learn through Trivia

Learn through Trivia

With Harold Strangeman

National Grandparents Day honors grandparents and their relations with their grandchildren.

I just discovered a few days ago that National Grandparents Day was on Sept. 9. I certainly wanted to be more familiar with this national day; after all, I am a grandparent. I also wanted to share some basic information with you through your trivia research.

1. When is National Grandparents Day held?

2. Who is given credit for founding Grandparents Day?

3. What is the National Grandparents Day official flower?

4. What president signed a bill making National Grandparents Day a federal holiday, and in what year did he sign it?

For the answers, visit the “Opinion” tab on enquirerdemocrat.com.


1. The first Sunday of September after Labor Day

2. Marian McQuade

3. Forget-Me-Not

4. Jimmy Carter in 1978