Learn through Trivia 2-21-19

Learn through Trivia 2-21-19

The Academy Awards are coming on Feb. 24. I feel it is appropriate we should have one of our columns on the Academy Awards. We all have a favorite film. My favorite — and I will admit it proudly — is The Wizard of Oz. It was an Academy Award winner.

“Lights, camera, action.”

1. Coming into the 91st Oscars, who had been the most frequent host of the Academy Awards?

2. In 90 years, the Best Actress Oscar has been awarded 91 times. Why?

3. What was the only X-rated movie to win Best Picture?

4. What was the first color movie to win best picture?

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1. Bob Hope

2. Tie in 1969 with Katharine Hepburn and Barbra Streisand

3. Midnight Cowboy

4. Gone with the Wind